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If a doctor offered to treat your child's illness by sewing live animal tissue, teeming with viruses, into his/her body... would you allow it?

Become a 'friend of DLRM' - just £5 for the first year (UK residents only) - and encourage your friends to join too. With your help we can campaign to end xenotransplantation.

To take advantage of this special offer, print the form below, and send it with your cheque to:
DLRM, P.O. Box 302, London N8 9HD.

Your title: _________________________________
Forename: _________________________________
Surname: _________________________________
Address: _________________________________
Postcode: _________________________________
Country: _________________________________
Telephone: _________________________________
Email: _________________________________
Signed: _________________________________
Date: _________________________________

I wish to subscribe to DLRM and confirm that I support its objective for immediate and unconditional abolition of all animal experiments, on medical and scientific grounds. I enclose a cheque for £5 for my first year's subscription (special rate for new 'Friends', usually £20, UK residents only).

Thank you for your support.

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