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DLRM PRESS RELEASE-----------------------


October 3, 2001

On 3rd October, DLRM held a press conference at the Westminster Central Hall in London, calling on the EU to re-think its future chemicals policy.

The conference explained in very clear terms why animals cannot reliably predict the biological reaction of humans to any given substance (eg. pesticide chemicals) and that resorting to animal models for human health purposes was "at odds with the precautionary rules governing safety and risk assessment."

Experts agree that in the EU cancer is now the leading cause of death in people aged 35 to 65. Quoting official Health Ministry statistics, this means that one million people die before their time every year, due to cancer. Experts also agree that 80 to 90% of these cancers are caused by carcinogenic chemicals in the environment in which we live.

The following day DLRM held meetings with several MEP's at the EU in Strasbourg, to discuss what steps could be taken to persuade the EU to stop using animals in the testing of nearly 100 000 chemicals. Further information about the DLRM alternative is in our News and Campaigns section click here.



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