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September 03, 1999

Following a report in Science, DLRM warns of the danger of relying on a small scale study financed by the xenotransplant industry.

" evidence of risk was not the same as evidence of no risk..." Prof. Robin Weiss, UCL).

Several patients showed antibodies to PERV viruses - clear evidence that transmission did indeed occur and those patients created protective antibodies.

DLRM warns against hasty and unwarranted relaxation of vigilance. It only takes one virus to be transmitted to cause an epidemic. There is no way of detecting UNKNOWN viruses.

Pig viruses recently caused the NIPAH encephalitis outbreak in Malaysia where over 120 of the 250 people infected died. 1M pigs and 1000s of other animals were slaughtered to contain the epidemic.

Common sense must triumph over commercial gains. Xenotransplant research, in our professional opinion, is far too hazardous to be allowed to continue.



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