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From Issue No 12, Winter/Spring 2005

The Clock is Ticking…

by Dr Moneim Fadali (from speech to the ESF, London)

I am honoured to be invited to speak to the European Social Forum Meeting in London, October 15-17, 2004. I am told the primary concern for this meeting is the environment. High time! The clock is ticking … global warming cannot be ignored anymore. We are the environment. Environment is our ambience, our abode, the air we breathe, water that nurtures and earth that sustains and provides.

Along with the fellowship of creation, we all long to live. Environment is our destiny. Doctors and Lawyers for Responsible Medicine (DLRM) together with Comitato Scientifico (EQUIVITA) and Comite Scientifique (Pro Anima) constitute the Alliance for Responsible Science (AFRS): an alliance for sanity and survival. From London to Rome, to Paris, to nations worldwide. Unlike the North Atlantic Bermuda Triangle where many ships and planes mysteriously disappeared, ours is a safe harbour, a state of mind, a state of heart, a state of being; a station where bioenergy is harnessed to lift and energise ourselves and the fellowship of creation. Our message and voyage affirm and declare the universal admonition: Do No Harm; Live and Let live; Love and Let Love. Disregarded and neglected, the admonition metamorphosed into a distress call. Procrastination kills momentum. Move on with the alliance for survival. Now Europeans are besieged by more than 100,000 chemicals, surreptiously permeating their systems, inundating their organs and penetrating their cells. Yet, many don’t know it. Approximately 98% of these intruders have not been tested for their effect on health of humans and the environment. Worldwide, chemicals pervade air, water and soil and do harm; from serious to grave to lethal. Pity! Pity! Deplorable since it is all avoidable. It takes courage, right seeing and true science, not denial, trickery and hocus-pocus science.

The European Commission (EC) has decided that these products must be evaluated. WITH THIS WE CONCUR, but we do not chime in with the EC putting its faith in animal-based testing; invalid and harmful, we say beware and cast a nay vote. Moreover, according to the EC’s Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation of Chemicals (REACH) we will get to know the risk, by the year 2020. Not a good deal! No cheers. Sixteen years from now? How come? Wherefore? Why not 2004, 2005 or 2006 by the latest? Reason being, chemicals kill living matter, such as us! Sad, isn’t it? Human cells and human tissue cultures are yearning to give the correct answer within the hour or within hours not years distant and afar. The grim toll continues to mount: cancer rates are increasing, asthma, especially in children is escalating, autism in children is soaring and the 10 billion-cell human brain is increasingly drifting, propelled into early dementia.

Human prospects on earth are not that bad or grim as many think or imagine. But, through ignorance, hubris and fiction we squander options, opportunities and offerings. Listen to this: 80% of all cancers are preventable, two thirds of all diseases are diet related. Shouldn’t we prevent the preventable? Eat right, treat the environment right, and stop wasting resources and treading roads that mislead. Therefore, to this Forum, the fallacy of testing chemicals and pharmaceuticals on animals does belong. It is an environmental issue.

Vivisection* (Animal Experimentation) is one of those evils grafted on to the human mind by the false prophets of science and reason. While some agile minds have rejected the ominous graft, others have accepted it as an article of faith, not to be questioned, let alone carefully looked at or seriously examined. And the verdict had been, is, and always will be: in harming others – human and non-human, sentient and nonsentient, knowingly and unknowingly – we harm ourselves. All the while being misled, all the while longing for harmony, longevity, security and bounty. Longing won’t do it for us. Hope procrastinates, cowardice defeats, blind obedience corrupts; figures of authority must be questioned and held accountable; and, the burden of responsibility is individual, non-transferrable. Payday isn’t light years away. It is here, today. Payday is now! Just look: along with higher cancer rates, asthma, dementia and autism, every survey reveals that obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and arthritis are raging, tempestuous and unrestrained. We are always paying for what we commit and for what we omit. Omission is commission.

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