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For over a century medical doctors have opposed animal experimentation in relation to human medicine. These are some critical quotes from the speeches at the four DLRM Congresses...

“Medicine is, essentially, a science of observation, in which experimentation is only a minor part of the medical investigation. But the worst of it is that this minor part has been contaminated by a gross error – that of having taken animals as models for humans.”
Professor Dr Pietro Croce

“I wanted to know whether animal experiments were actually useful for their intended purpose.........what I found flatly contradicts the government party line, that animal experimentation has led to virtually every major advance in the last hundred years.”
Dr Brandon Reines

“To understand the almost revolutionary effect of our ideas on how to use cell cultures instead of animals in toxicity testing (and the almost counter-revolutionary reactions against these ideas), you must be acquainted with the thinking of the toxicologist of some years ago.”
Professor Bjorn Ekwall

“Vivisection must be unequivocally condemned and completely abolished in all its aspects – medical, military, industrial and cosmetological.”
Professor Dr Lea Franken

“Since the beginning of the modern medical boom, all eyes have been on microbes, molecules and animal models. When did anyone in authority ever stand back and take a long look at the whole human being?”
Dr Peter Mansfield

“For the sake of both animals and humans, it is high time to replace this concept of medicine and morality, based on animal experimentation and lack of thinking, by adopting a thinking medicine and renouncing animal experimentation.”
Dr Werner Hartinger

“Vivisection is dictated by convenience, not science. It is a strange, unrealistic mind that accepts a genetically engineered moron as a replica of human physiology, or at least one that pertains to it. It may be a feat of engineering, but it has no place in the meaningful study of human disease and its treatment, for it bears even less resemblance to us than its unfortunate predecessors do.”
Dr David Johnson

“Imagine how many people could be saved and cured if the money used for animal experiments were put into organising hospitals efficiently all over Greece, transporting patients in well-equipped ambulances and informing people about preventive medicine!”
Dr George Haritakis

“As long as medical science studies man and his illnesses by always using an entirely inadequate animal model, medicine cannot recognise or study man’s peculiarities or special features, especially that fine interplay between body, mind and spirit, the disturbance of which presents itself as illness.”
Dr Bernhard Rambeck

“Vivisection is an aberration, a foolish practice that leads medicine astray, creating millions of human victims in the process: we are all victims of toxic drugs, of common medical errors, of wrong medical information and of medical delusions.”
Professor Dr Pietro Croce

“The Kuru sickness among the Papuans stems from the intakes of certain albumens into the organism – more precisely, the Papuans had the custom of eating the brains of the dead. BSE has the same cause: animals, especially cattle, have been forced, for purely commercial reasons, to adopt eating habits not appropriate to the species: they have ingested albumen products as so-called “fattening fodder” which were taken from animal bodies unfit for human consumption. Cattle are herbivores – they have been turned into carnivores and the result has been Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy.”
Dr Gerhard Buchwald


“Do we not have good reason today to be sceptical about the triumphalism, the expectations and the promises implied by today’s new methodology of transgenic animals – just as, some forty years ago, we were sceptical about the hype attaching to axenic animals?”
Professor Dr Pietro Croce

“It is about our ability to change the agenda, to change and protect the environment – and that environment must be indivisible. And it isn’t just about animals in the environment; it is also about the earth on which they stand, on which we stand, and the heavens above us, with the ozone layer and the holes in it – the whole global environment.”
Mr Michael Mansfield QC


“The mad, wretched practice of inserting genes into the embryos of another to create “transgenic animals” has already produced moribundly ill entities with new shapes and forms beset with terribly hideous diseases......Genetically engineered organisms could create environmental chaos and may trigger new pandemics and major devastating epidemics.”
Dr Moneim Fadali

“We must always remember the fact that all sections of the public are capable of recognising and understanding the flaws and dangers of such research. They therefore have as much right, and indeed duty, to be involved in this campaign as have the professionals.”
Ms Joy Palmer


The following quotations are from doctors and lawyers opposing animal experiments, on medical and scientific grounds.

"Vivisection is rooted in error, and when the truth becomes known, it will disappear."
Dr Max Mader, (OP Graz) 1908

"My own conviction is that the study of human physiology by way of experiments on animals is the most grotesque and fantastic error ever committed in the whole range of human intellectual activity."
Dr G F Walker, Medical World, 8.12.1933

"The idea, as I understand it, is that fundamental truths are revealed in laboratory experimentation on lower animals and are then applied to the problems of the sick patient. Having been myself trained as a physiologist, I feel in a way competent to assess such a claim. It is plain nonsense."
Sir George Pickering, (Regius Professor of Medicine at the University of Oxford,) British Medical Journal, 26.12.1964

"Atrocious medical experiments are being made on children, mainly physically and mentally handicapped, and on aborted living foetuses given or sold to the laboratories for experimental purposes. This is a logical development of the practice of vivisection. It is our urgent task to accelerate its inevitable downfall."
Prof Pietro Croce, (Pathologist, Italy; Author of 'Vivisection or Science?') ILDAV Symposium Holland, April 1988

"There is no comprehensive animal model for humankind... The truth is, and always has been, that the first clinical use of new medication in human patients provides the first reliable clues as to what can be expected of it. Pre-marketing research on animals is a lottery; post marketing surveillance comes too late for the first human victims of side-effects."
Dr Peter Mansfield, (GP, Founder-President of 'Doctors in Britain against Animal Experiments'.) Animal Experiments in Medicine: The Case Against,' May 1990

"We use a method [vivisection] which continues to lead to terrible mistakes, which kills thousands of people and which contributes to our environmental problems... none of which can be predicted under animal laboratory conditions. I have had talks with many doctors and scientists, who are perfectly convinced that animal testing is dangerous, not only for the animals, but also, and most of all, for us, human beings..."
Dr. Madeleine Petrovic, Dr at Law, Austria, (Chairwoman Austrian Green Party in Parliament, Vice-President DLRM), DBAE Scientific Congress, May 1995

"Freed from the error of vivisection, future researchers will be able to base medical research on a genuinely scientific foundation... gradually restoring to medicine that scientific quality that today is usurped by vivisectionist error."
Prof Pietro Croce, MD, (Hon President DLRM), Author, 'Vivisection or Science?'

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