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Everyone should enjoy a healthy life

There is a deep concern about the rising incidence of illness in general and the failure to find cures for the major diseases. For example, there are approximately 125,000 deaths and 200,000 new cases of cancer registered each year in England and Wales, bringing untold grief and suffering to whole families.

Adverse reactions to medical drugs

Despite decades of intensive research, iatrogenic diseases are increasing. The number of reports to the Committee on the Safety of Medicines of adverse reactions suffered from medical drugs every year has been estimated to be only 10% of the true total. On that basis the number of adverse reactions is currently in the order of 200,000 per year, and rising, in the UK alone. Many medicines are withdrawn annually because of unpredicted side effects. The following are some examples

OPREN: Anti-arthritic drug. Withdrawn in 1982 after more than 70 deaths in Britain and 3,500 other serious side effects, including damage to skin, eyes, circulation, liver, kidneys.

CLIOQUINOL: Anti-diarrhoeal drug. Caused 30,000 cases of blindness and/or paralysis in Japan alone and thousands of deaths worldwide. The drug caused a new disease called SMON.

OSMOSIN: Anti-inflammatory drug. Withdrawn in 1983 after 650 reported serious side effects and 20 deaths.

ERALDIN: Heart drug, given to patients for four years before horrific side effects were identified, including blindness, stomach problems, pains in joints and growths.

THALIDOMIDE: A sedative given to pregnant women, caused approx 10,000 birth defects worldwide.

FLOSINT: Anti-inflammatory drug. Use resulted in reports of 217 adverse effects including 7 deaths.


A Positive force for change

DLRM was established to inform the public of the shortcomings and dangers of animal-based medical research and is part of a growing global movement concerned with human health. We urgently need to turn a critical eye to the whole question of a valid research relevant to the promotion of public health.


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