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Dr Gerhard Buchwald
Medical Doctor. Specialist in Tuberculosis. Specialist in Internal Medicine. Specialist in Natural Medicine. Medical Adviser to the Association of Parents of Vaccination Damaged Children.

Prof Dr Pietro Croce, M.D.
Pathologist Milan University. Member American College of Pathologists. Former animal experimenter. Author of 'Vivisection or Science.'
Hon. President DLRM

Prof Bjorn Ekwall, M.D., Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Department of Toxicology, University of Uppsala, Sweden. Author and co-author of 69 articles/book chapters on in-vitro toxicology. A pioneer in the field of in-vitro medicine, Björn Ekwall died in August 2000.

Dr. Moneim A. Fadali, M.D.
Cardiovasular and Thoracic Surgeon. Diplomate American Board of Surgery. Diplomate American Board of Thoracic Surgery. Fellow Royal College of Surgeons of Canada. Author of numerous medical publications. Philosopher, Scholar, Poet. Author of several books, including his latest - 'Animal Experimentation - A Harvest of Shame' President DLRM.

Prof Dr Lea Franken
Physician, Professor of Physiology, University of Brussels.

Dr George Haritakis
Cardiologist. Studied medicine at the University of Bologna, Italy. Specialist in Cardiology, Athens, at the Cardiological University Clinic of Ippokratio Hospital. Worked at the anti-cancer hospital Metaxo. Epidemiological researcher (10,000 persons study of coronary heart disease, stroke and cancer in Greece). Founded the Greek Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. Member of the Greek Group against Vivisection and the American Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. Patron DLRM.

Dr Werner Hartinger, M.D.
Specialist, Surgery and Traumatology, further degrees in Internal Medicine, Gynaecology, Obstetrics, Anaesthetics. Since 1970 in private surgical practice in traumatology. Chairman, German League of Doctors Against Animal Experiments.

Michael Mansfield, QC
BA Philosophy/History (Keele University) Called to the Bar in 1967. 25 years in criminal practice. Represented defendants in very many well-known criminal trials and appeals, particularly where issues of civil liberty have arisen. Law Fellow of Kent University. Hon Law Degree, South Bank University, January 1995. Author of various books and articles. Associated with numerous civil rights and ecological groups. Well-known radio and television broadcaster. Vice President DLRM.

Dr. Peter Mansfield, M.A., M.B., B.Chir., F.P. Cert., Cert G.A.M.
Dr. Peter Mansfield was educated at Caius College, Cambridge and University College Hospital Medical School. He spent 25 years as an NHS GP, exploring health and discovering how to enhance it directly. He founded the Templegarth Trust for this purpose through which he now works exclusively. Author and television broadcaster.

Dr Bernhard Rambeck
Studied chemistry and completed his doctorate with a study dealing with microbial biochemistry. Since 1975 Director of the Biochemical Laboratory of the Institute for Research on Epilepsy in Bielefeld, Germany. Patron DLRM.

Dr Brandon Reines
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. Graduate Tufts Universty, Boston. Specialist in the History of Medical Science. Author of 'History of Scientific Discovery'

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